Picture taken December 6th, 2022.

Missing on the picture: Lieve Ongena, Michael Dewaele, Kris Pauwels, Antonella Puglisi, Patrick Vandormael

VIB’s International Grants Office and The Grants Team

As researchers heavily rely on competitive grants for funding, VIB launched its International Grants Office in Spring 2017.

The office covers every stage of the grant application process; from training, eligibility advice, administrative issues to pre-application peer review. This guidance starts well before the actual application process begins as the Grants Office guides you through the different funding opportunities.

To maximize the expertise, the Grants Office connects to professionals at the different research centers. They are involved in all the aspects of grant applications for their respective centers to build an institution-wide Grants team.

Once a funding opportunity is selected, this team guides you through your application process with personal advice, important guidelines and templates for the application, as well as proofreading. We also provide you with the necessary signatures or institutional documents when needed.

The Grants Office organizes two courses that are dedicated to Grant Writing:

  • How to write a winning Grant Proposal
  • ERC Applications for Starters and Consolidators: Tips & Tricks

More information about these training sessions can be found on the VIB training website: https://training.vib.be