Importance of Funding

Most of the research at VIB is funded by applying for grants at the national or international level or from existing granting systems at the university.

Obtaining such a grant is not simple. The success rate is rather low. It takes a lot of time and effort. And in most cases, it takes a long time before you know whether or not you have been successful.

It is true that the long strenuous process and the insecurity can be intimidating. But, on the other hand, obtaining a research grant is very rewarding. Obtaining a competitive grant in life sciences means that -

  • You have a relevant biological question
  • You are able to write down ideas in a structured and clear manner
  • You can build a strong research plan
  • You can cope with deadlines
  • You can take into account the administrative side of things.

Though the latter might seem unimportant, when not done properly it can seriously hamper your success.

This is where the VIB grant management tool and the VIB Grant Office comes in. This tool will help you in making sure that you follow the entire application process properly and that the administrative part is 100% OK.

Grant Management Tool

The grant management tool will guide you through every step of your grant, right from the application process to the submission of the final report.